We have heard of ways to keep fit since time immemorial that it is beginning to lose credibility. What we seem to be forgetting is that we also have a role to play in the journey towards fitness. At first, it all sounds like such a rosy and fun adventure until we get to the middle of it. Things get too much to handle that we even forget why we ventured into it in the first place. The ‘little things that we tend to ignore are the ones that catapult us to victory.

For instance, adhering to the rule of going to bed early makes all the difference. Your mind gets to take plenty of rest. With time, the results will begin to reflect on your countenance. With the busy schedules, we have to face on a daily basis; it takes discipline to maintain this healthy routine.

Five intuitive ways to keep fit

We’ve already mentioned one which is, getting enough sleep after a hard day’s work. It is unfair and unrealistic to overwork our bodies and expects them to look attractive. It’s time we woke up and realized that there are some things we are not doing right. Here are a few examples;

Drink plenty of water


This is something that most of us have adopted as a chore. We don’t see the fun in adding more health to ourselves by taking enough water. We can start by asking for mineral water every time we are at a restaurant instead of alcoholic or soft drinks.

Take long refreshing walks

You can adopt a routine where you do this in the morning and evening. This is the best way to keep your body and mind active even when you feel too tired to jog or run. Walking is a harmless and healthy way to clear your head.

Mind your posture

Always assume the right posture when standing, sitting and even sleeping. For instance, it is perceived that assuming a bent posture will slowly turn you into a hunchback.


At this point, you have to make sure that your mind is in a complete state of rest and calm. One way to do this is by joining a yoga class, and you will certainly not regret it.

Check your diet

We have heard this from time to tie but implementing it has become so hard. It all begins with our mindsets and the kind of content we feed to our minds. If we believe in our ability to say ‘no’ to unhealthy eating and snacking habits, we are on the right track.

Benefits of keeping fit


Most diseases are brought about by our decision to turn our backs on fitness routines. One benefit of keeping fit is that you rid your body of all manner of illnesses. You are therefore assured of a lifetime of good health simply by keeping fit at all costs.


lkxcnlknsflknalksnlkvnasldknlksdlknblksadnbasYour confidence is boosted. You gain complete trust in yourself when you look in the mirror and like what you see. This is the first step towards achieving all that you step out to do.

We become more enthusiastic about life and everything that it has to offer. This leads to a positive outlook on life in general.