The Top Paying Sports In The World

One needs not to be told that glitz and glamor characterize the entertainment industry. It is therefore very lucrative. In recent times, talent and sport are well paying. Those sports personalities who are well paid usually make the list of the richest people on the planet. Every year lists are published tho evaluate the worth of players and sports too.

This goes a long way in supporting the fact that athletes are among the well-paid entertainers in the world. This can be through salaries, the prize money that one receives and the amount that they make from endorsements can translate to huge sums of money. In this article we are going to introduce to you the list of the top paying sports in the world:

Well paying sports

American football


To begin this list is the American football and its equally popular parent organization. The National Football League. This game’s viewership is one that has the statistic that everyone can desire. This goes a long way in showing how popular this game can be. For instance, the top 12 highly rated shows in pay per viewership television where put on by NFL. It is no secret that American football has a massive following around the world. Due to this following, it is no secret that its athletes are among the best paid professional players in the world.


This list is difficult to construct in a way. When you put into comparison how much each sport pays, it is always that we put into consideration the fact that all different sports and their parent organizations operate in different ways. Golf is one of the sports that operates uniquely. This is because the amount that a player can earn completely depends on the number of tournaments he or she will win. This system differs from other sports let’s say soccer or American football where a player is guaranteed salary even if they don’t play as long as they are contracted.

However, this does not change the fact that professional golfers are among the best-paid people on the planet. This can be confirmed by the fact that the PGA Tour participants earn millions of dollars.


This is another race that one is paid depending on the number of wins per season. It is no secret that this is one of the sports that involve a lot of risks. This is a high stake sport, where a plunder will not only result in the death of the driver but also those that they are competing with. Having said that, the risk that one takes is offset by the amount of prize money that comes with a driver winning a headline race.


Ones again this is a sport that is very dangerous. One can beat an opponent to death. But that aside boxing has a reputation of paying its athlete’s large sums of money. In some instances, the loser can walk away with money more than what winners in other sports earn.


This is the best paying sport in the world. It can be attributed to its popularity across the globe and its international viewership basis.