The Merits Of Free Education For All

Popular education crusader Francis Bacon says that knowledge is power. When you have the knowledge, you have the power to live a life that is decent; you get the power to earn a decent income. The power also brings dignity and respect to you both from your peers and the society at large.

This is why one wonders why since knowledge can bring all this power to an individual, why should it be a preserve for a few who are rich. It is supposed to be free for all those who want it. And thus should be therefore noted that what an individual deserves should be decided by his or her own capability and intelligence and not by how much wealth they have.

The best way that this knowledge can be disseminated to all those who want it and deserve it, is through free education. Making education free in all level of study, will not only benefit individuals but the society at large. Let us look at some of the important benefits of free education.

Benefits of free education

Serves as a remedy to society ills


Our society is divided on a number of factors. But chief among them is the unequal distribution of wealth. We have a few unbelievably rich people, those who are relatively rich, the poor and the ones that suffer from utter poverty. And amid all these people are still suffering from unemployment. Then one could ask, how can one spare money for education while they cannot afford food or shelter.

However, if we invest in free education, it can serve as a remedy to all these ills that plague the society. Trough it the doors to employment can be opened and trough this food, shelter, clothing will be available and hence the improvement of the quality of life. Free education will ensure that the future generations are better equipped to cope with life.

Improved quality of life

When free education is provided, more people will definitely be educated. When we have a high number of individuals who are educated in society, there is an overall improvement in the quality of life in the community. People will have employment and this will eliminate the struggles of basic needs. By so doing people will concentrate on other aspects of life such as improved governance and the management of issues that impact the general society.

Better governance

When you have an educated citizenry, this will definitely translate to better governance from the grassroots level up to the national level. Educated people are most likely going to make more informed choices when they are going to choose their representatives. Education will equip them better to question their corruption and the misuse of power. When education is free, our society is propped towards a path to better governance.

Equal opportunities

kjabdkjvbkjbadskjvbkasbdvkjasdbvkjbsdvasTalent and intelligence are not the only creators of wealth. There is a lot of untapped talent and knowledge that lies under impoverishment and destitute. By offering free education, will surely open the doors of opportunities to the talented people.

From the above, it is true that free education is not only advantageous to the society but through it, intelligent and talented people can be assured of a better tomorrow through the maximisation of their hidden potential.